At Ymir we have developed an academic consulting model based off of the cohort system that is in place at many high level graduate schools.  We work with students to provide them with mentors that have gone through the same classes that they will be embarking on at their Universities.  Through this system we aim to better the success rates of students, as well as guide them through a more complete advising process for their future.

Founder Stephen Murvin looked like a student who was destined for greatness when he first attended college in 2004 at California State University Fullerton.  He had great grades and a great SAT score, as well as being an elite athlete in Track and Cross Country.  He received a full academic and athletic scholarship to study Physics at Cal State Fullerton.  However, he dropped out midway through his second semester due to the inability of the school to help him cope with the pressure of classes and athletic endeavors.  He eventually found his way back to college; this time at Chapman University, and has observed that first year students still suffer from many of the things that he went through back in 2004.  


He founded Ymir as an opportunity to help students to garner information and advising on a more personal level, from students who currently are within each respected academic college on campus.  This new take on academic consulting is an effort to personalize the advising process for students while helping them to navigate college from experienced individuals. 

Stephen Murvin

Stephen Murvin is a current student at Chapman University.  He studies Finance and Economics, and has worked as an academic consultant for the last three (3) years.  He founded Ymir after experiencing trouble during his first time in college back in 2004. His goal is to help students to achieve the success that they are capable of.